Not dead :o Upcoming Projects!

2012-06-17 16:37:35 by NocturnalRaccoon

I'm not dead, DylaneggsProductions and I have decided to pick up on our projects once summer began so that way we could really work on them. Sly's Dilemma was a hit and we've got more coming this summer. I've been writing scripts and he's been animating. ( He recently got a tablet ;) ) Anyways we have a new short coming out about super Mario, I wrote it and he's working on it now. Here's a screen shot. Stay tuned for awesome shit! Most of our Cartoons will be voiced by DruoxTheShredder and BigJonny13

Not dead :o Upcoming Projects!


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2012-06-17 18:51:40

I love this drawing. We should trade FB likes. /johnnydeanmusic I'll like back.